• Level 3 10×12 // ONLY 7lbs! (6.2lbs without coating)


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The AR680 Hardened Steel armor plate is a full-size, 10in X 12in, shooters cut, single curve hard steel plate weighing 7lbs with coating (6.2lb’s without coating) and only 5mm thick- an industry first. We’ve been able to overcome processing hurdles in bending this steel without breaking it, allowing us to create truly unique plate, where most other plates are heavier, and cannot withstand the same level of abuse. Normally this type of steel is too brittle and will break under pressure of trying to make the single curve. We have hit a breakthrough in this process and can now offer this amazing new material. Coming in at only 5mm thick, this Steel has a smaller profile than your normal AR500 Steel Armor. The most significant change is the weight. Our FULL SIZE 10in x 12in shooters cut weighs a mere 7lbs with coating (6.2lbs without coating). This is a 2lb drop from AR500 Steel Armor. With a 25% reduction in weight we feel this Steel Armor is a game changer for the armor business. The extra level of care has also been taken to prevent metal spalling by adding a Linex base coat and build up. This makes for an extremely well designed, and balanced plate which is already shattering records and expectations. The 1 ¼lb. build up is what is required for maximum protection from spalling and brings total plate weight to 7lbs